May 1, 2012

2011-12 Final grades: Morgan Grim

Morgan Grim - Senior
37 games, 37 starts
27.9 minutes
9.1 points
6.1 rebounds
1.1 assists
56.8% - FG
N/A - 3pt
66.7% - FT

 Grading Morgan Grim on this season is a tough one. There was a lot of very exciting highs mixed in with some frustrating lows, with some reports of nagging injuries complicating the whole thing. All said and done though, Grim had a very solid season. He was one of only a few guys with experience in the system returning this past season, however his minutes throughout his entire college career had been sparse at best.

Still, Grim stepped up to the challenge of taking a role much larger than anything else he'd yet faced, and for the most part, he excelled.

Positives: From the very start of the first game of the year, Grim stepped down into the paint and gave a couple good, solid pushes against BYU's Noah Hartsock, as if to say, "Listen asshole. This is MY paint, and you will play by my rules down here." While Hartsock still got his from outside, Grim's mentality down low held true for much of the season. His post moves never looked fancy, but seemed to keep getting the job done. Even when you might get frustrated watching his play at times, the box score at the end of the game would almost always tell a very favorable story. On top of all that, he was absolutely stellar in positioning himself to take charges, reaffirming his claim to the paint that started from day one.

Negatives: As was the case with almost everyone on this team, inconsistency got to Grim at times too. While he never had any outlandishly bad games, there were some where he looked very hesitant offensively, which was bad news for a guy who was still the team's most consistent low-post scoring threat. Foul trouble was also a recurring theme for Grim throughout the season, as was the case with all of USU's big men this past year.

Summary: It's tough to hold too much against Grim based on being thrust into a major role for the first time and losing his would-be partner in crime down low when Brady Jardine got hurt. Prior to the season, people felt like if Grim was replacing Nate Bendall as the starting center that the team would be in bad shape. Comparing the seniors year's of the two players on the stat sheet, Bendall's numbers aren't even close to Grim's. All things considered, Grim's numbers by season's end had to have been better than the vast majority of people would have predicted for him.

Final grade: B

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