Apr 21, 2012

Bruneel on his way out

I've made no secret that I hate writing about this kind of stuff, but it's still news. In what is hopefully the last departure we see this offseason, Mitch Bruneel is headed elsewhere as reported by Tony Jones.

Out of all of this year's departures, I feel like this one could end up having the most of the Myaer effect. Granted, not to quite that level because of Bruneel not being a point guard, nor do I believe he has that swagger that Myaer had in his days in Logan, but I still worry that this one could come back to bite us.

Bruneel was maybe the epitome of solid, but not spectacular. When I graded his season, I said that his role is best served as a fourth wing in the rotation. Players want to play though, and fourth was going to be the best-case scenario for Bruneel this coming season. If that's a role he would have been willing to embrace, then great, but players want to play. I don't know whose decision to cut ties this was, but if it was Bruneel's, you can't fault him for it. If this was a call made by the coaching staff, kinda can't fault them either. It was a tough season this past year and they've got to be on the hunt for immediate upgrades.

Regardless, sad to see a guy go like this. He had a few big games this past season and a couple others where he made solid contributions as well. Who knows what could have been with him having two more years to go? Not only that, but without him in the mix, the wings situation for USU next year has a little less flexibility with redshirting, and such.

Best of luck to Mitch from here. No doubt he'll find somewhere good to land and make some solid contributions there.

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